ZOI is a place to explore a world of senses while comfortably lounged on our terrace overlooking the harbor, with a glass of rare wine and gentle summer breeze kisses. Every day we aspire to create an unforgettable experience through our delicious fusion foods, which combine authentic mix of rich Mediterranean cuisines infused with a taste of history.

Tradition, innovation and gastronomic excellence in a unique 1700 years old setting where history, passion and food come together.

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A perfect balance between beauty and fresh seafood. Zoi combines the beautiful location of Split, Croatia with their exquisite cuisine. When visiting Split, dining at Zoi was the perfect way to sit back, relax, enjoy a beautiful view, and eat deliciously fresh seafood. You can taste the sea in their dishes while combining great flavors and great refreshing cocktails to match. When visiting Split, Croatia we recommend booking in advance for a rooftop table at Zoi. It is the best way to spend a perfect evening taking in the beautiful views Croatia has to offer.


Chef Ivica Katić

Ivica Katić chose his life path at a very young age. His favorite childhood activity was cooking with his family and playing in the kitchen. As a young man Ivica chased the knowledge around the world, striving to learn, to gain experience and grow. He enjoyed immersing himself in many different cuisines; experiencing different cultures, tastes and techniques.

Today with more than 10 years of chef experience Ivica is still in search of excellence. His respect for produce and nature drives his every day. His food is a reflection of his character and his experience. Even though his favorite is still the local cuisine and his focus the Mediterranean, little twists and touches are present everywhere on his plate.

Photography by: Zoi

Photography by: Zoi


021 637 491

Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda 23

Find us: right next to the entrance to Diocletian’s basements from Riva (South Gate)

Opening hours: dinner 18.30-01.00


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