Pie Crust

Chef: Jordan Herigstad



Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.10.19 AM.png
  • 260 Grams Waffle Cone Crackers or Graham Cracker

  • 50 Grams Brown Sugar

  • 20 Grams Honey

  • 120 Grams Butter


  1. Grind Crackers in a food processor until very fine.

  2. Melt butter on low heat in a medium sauce pot.

  3. Whisk in honey and brown sugar until incorporated.

  4. Pour butter mixture into the ground graham Cracker and mix by hand until fully incorporated.

  5. Firmly press pie crust mixture into the bottom of the pie tin until a even, solid layer is formed.

  6. Begin placing small amounts of the mixture around the walls of the pie tin and press firmly by hand until crust is

  7. Evenly molded into the side. Mold the bottom crust into the walls until there is no cracking.

  8. Place crust on middle oven rack and bake at 300 degrees on low fan for 14 minutes.