The Kerrygold Experience

Why do I love Kerrygold? Well there are a lot of reasons why I believe Kerrygold is the best. The main and most important reason being the cows and the families that care for them. We had the opportunity to spend some time with a special farm family, The Cleary family in Ireland. The Cleary’s are one of the amazing farms that deliver premium milk for Kerrygold. The Cleary family introduced us to their cows where we learned the true meaning of grass fed. We saw first hand the love and dedication the Cleary’s have for each and every cow that they raise. Kerrygold farms and farmers strives towards the highest standards of animal welfare because as they say… “It’s the right thing to do”. Simple as that. To answer questions about sustainability is easy. According to Stanford University, “Ireland is the most carbon-efficient milk producer in the EU and Ireland’s abundant rainfall means our farms are naturally irrigated, so we rank among the lowest on the water stress index”. Kerrygold gave us a tour of the farm, the farmers, local fishermen, and a lovely meal at the Tannery. It was such an amazing experience, we had to share it. 

Meet the Families

Meet the Cleary’s

Brian Cleary

County Waterford

Gaelic football is a big part of Brian’s life, he played for his local club until he broke his leg, ending his career. But his main passion is his farm, which he works with his father Jimmy. Brian is married to Clare and they have three daughters together, Brian hopes one of the girls will follow in his footsteps.

Our Experience:

The Bringing It Home team had the privilege, thanks to the Ornua team, to meet the Cleary family. It was here where we walked out to their farm and we saw just how stunning it is. It truly was an awe moment of seeing these beautiful cows, grazing near this beautiful landscape with a picture perfect ocean view. It truly is a sight to be seen and the cows are loving every minute of it. The Cleary’s told us more about their care of these animals and level of respect, responsibility and bond that goes into their herd. It is with the level or care that makes the Kerrygold difference. This is what makes great quality milk and different from the rest. Due to Ireland’s climate, there is quality grass that is fed all year round. It is important for the cows to be grass fed the highest quality… because we can taste the difference! Meeting the herd felt as if we met the whole family. We loved every minute of it. The icing on the cake was enjoying homemade tea and scones with the Cleary family. We still believe that’s where we ate the best scones with Kerrygold butter on top in our lives.

*Fun fact: You don’t always have to refridgerate your butter and we prefer not to. Covered room temperature salted Kerrygold butter is the Irish way!

Learning more about the Farming and Food Culture of Ireland

After a beautiful morning with Cleary's and their heard, we went fishing! Not just any fishing, we headed for the open waters in search of Crab and lobster. Little did we know that the vantage point from the boat would not only show us exquisites landscapes, but cliff's so stunning it is sure to rival that of the famous cliffs of Moher. The tip of the iceberg, so to speak, was the view of the Cleary farm from the open water. What a truly magical moment to see how proud the Cleary’s were to see their herd from this perspective. From the field to the sea, the fishing only enhanced the beautiful sights of all things fresh in this quaint part of Ireland. The Cleary’s farm is a treasure and perfect example of the beautiful balance of sustainability and fresh. It even made us envy the life of a cow. But wait there's more... with mouthwatering butter and cream along with fresh caught seafood we knew it was time to cook!

Ending our tour with dinner at The Tannery

With farming, fishing, and views under our belt… how does it get better? Vising the Tannery restaurant. It’s here we met Chef Paul Flynn who gave us an inside look into his restaurant, Townhouse and Cookery school. We sat down with Chef and he showed us the importance of quality ingredients and how Kerrygold butter makes a delicious difference in each dish. Keeping homage to Bringing It Home’s ‘keeping it fresh’ ideals, the Cookery was steeped in tradition, education, quality, and amazing cuisine.

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Laura McIntosh