From October through March, turnips are in season. Turnips are a root vegetable with a white spherical shape, a blush of purple, and a green stem. Their closest relatives are radishes and arugula. The taste of a young turnips can tend to taste more sweet, that can be compared to carrots. With aged turnips, they can be used as a substitute for potatoes.

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Buy it

Turnips are a great storage vegetable that you can stock before winter arrives. When buying this root crop, make sure to look for firm and heavy roots that have a smooth skin, a sweet aroma, and crisp green tops.

Add it

Young turnips are one of the favored items in raw salads for their sweet taste, complementing with cabbage, parsnips, carrots, and beets.

Its cubes can mix well with other vegetables like kohlrabi, potato, carrots in the preparation of a variety of stews.

Diced turnip can be added to poultry, lamb, and pork.

Add raw baby turnip slices with olives and cherry tomatoes to prepare delicious appetizer.

Turnip cubes can be pickled in a way similar to other vegetables like radish, chili-peppers, carrot in many parts of Northern India, Iran, and Pakistan.

Top greens are used with other greens and vegetables in soups, curries, and stews.

Prep it

Be sure to go for turnips with smooth skin. They should feel firm and have crisp green tops. The smaller the turnip, the sweeter the flavor. The bigger bulbs can prove be a little waxy in texture. Be sure to use a vegetable brush to scrub turnips clean.

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