Apricots are packed full of beta-carotene and fiber that come into season late Spring. Fresh apricots have a great supply of vitamin C and are best in season from May through August. Apricots are also related to peach family. However, apricots are small with velvet skin and if you get one that is in season it should taste sweet and juicy!

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When picking out your perfect apricots, you should look for rich orange color rather than a pale yellow. Apricots should be slight soft unless you want them for a couple days, then the stiff apricots will last longer and ripen at your home. For the best tasting apricots, get the apricots that are perfectly soft to touch, If they are too firm they have not been tree-ripened, and tree-ripened fruits are best for taste.

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The best way to eat apricots? Right then and there! A fresh apricot is natures candy and is a perfect treat on it’s own! However, you can add it to a breakfast cereal, yogurt or smoothie! You can add apricots to your salads or even to bake an apricot pie! Apricots are also delicious when made into a jam. There are so many things you can do with apricots due to their sweetness and delicious taste!

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Apricots are very delicate and bruise very easily. That said, to prep them for any recipes you should gently wash them before using. You must always remove the pit when adding to a recipe by cutting in half and gently removing the pit. Once the pit is removed you are ready to use your apricot. Don’t worry about the skin, it is so thin it usually isn’t peeled… plus I believe it adds to the flavor!

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Laura McIntosh