I'm sure you've heard the new rage for Kale and its many benefits to your health. Kale is like a living multiple vitamin and has a resume full of "anti's" and "detox". So my goal is to pull it into my diet. Someone suggested I switch it in like a DH for spinach. It easily slides into salads and other traditional green fare.

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Buy it

Look for kale in the cooled produce section of your local grocery store or health food market. The leaves should be firm and deeply colored with stems that are moist and strong.

Add it

What I'm excited about is how many ways I hear others trying to find fresh ways to integrate this mega vegi into their meal. A good friend offered me a smoothie with the featured flavor of kale. I admit I was intimidated. It passed the initial eye test If you can extend you visual senses beyond the traditional whipped drink palete. It was a simple meetup with apples, carrots, and lemon. I take it and goes down well. All those benefits and a cool afternoon treat.

Prep it

Always wash your kale! To prep Kale depending on your recipes you can:

De-rib: Fold the kale over along the rib and run a sharp knife down the side.

Chop: Stack de-ribbed kale leaves and chop.

Slice: roll the leaves, from the top and roll downwards. Chop into nice slices for a salad, etc.

Try it tonight

Laura McIntosh