In California, the Avocado season is from approximately February - September. The peak season in California is in the Summer. Mexico’s avocado’s can be consistent year-round. During the summer some avocados can come from Peru. In the winter, some avocados can come from Chile and the Dominican Republic. There is also help from New Zealand.

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Buy it:

To make sure you're taking home an avocado that's perfectly green and creamy on the inside, and free from ugly brown spots, the key is checking under the stem. This part of the avocado holds a sneak peak for what's going on under the skin. 
Peel back the small stem or cap at the top of the avocado. If it comes away easily and you find green underneath, you've got a good avocado that's ripe and ready to eat.

Add it:

On Sandwiches. Mashed avocado topped with a pinch of salt makes for the perfect sandwich spread.
On Potatoes. Top your baked potatoes with sliced avocado and a drizzle of olive oil.
In Eggs. Diced and scrambled with eggs or egg whites.
Grilled. Sliced, grilled and topped with coarse sea salt and fresh lemon juice, avocados make the perfect accompaniment to any grilled meat or fish.

Prep it:

Use a medium or large cook's knife to cut the avocado in half, rolling the avocado so you cut around the stone. Twist the two halves to separate. Use a teaspoon to remove the stone from the center of the avocado. Use a dessert spoon to scoop the whole avocado flesh out from the shell if required. Cut into slices, chunks or mash with a fork.

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