Colorful cabbage is one of the most versatile options for adding fresh, healthy crunch to your diet. 

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Choose heads of cabbage that are dense and firm, with leaves that are crisp and free of any blemishes, cracks, or signs of decay.

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Add shredded Green Cabbage for some extra crunch to chicken/fish/steak tacos. Toss Red Cabbage with a bit of white wine vinegar for a tangy compliment to any sandwich or burger. Add some chopped Green Cabbage to your favorite soup for a quick and hearty meal. Mix Red and Green Cabbage with spicy ranch dressing for a fast and tangy coleslaw side dish. 

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Already washed, cut and prepared for you, Ready Pac® Convenience Vegetables are always fresh, delicious and ready when you are!

Fresh Cabbage should be washed before use by being soaked and rinsed in water.

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Laura McIntosh