Episode: Holiday

Chef: Josh Thompson

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.  Oh, what fun it is to cook with Chef Josh Thomsen on Bringing It Home today.  Join us for our "Holiday" episode as Laura cooks with Josh Thomsen.  Learn how to bring the holidays together as Chef Josh prepares Braised Beef Short Ribs, Roasted Pheasant and Potato Latkas that he learned to make with his Grandma Rose!  Also learn to make some delicious vegetables that will go along with your holiday traditions such as brussel sprouts and tri-colored carrots.  Laura McIntosh also brings us a special recipe from her home, Farro Salad!


EPISODE: Fresh from the gulf

Chef: John Folse

Join us this week on Bringing It Home as we go on a fishing adventure in the Gulf of Mexico.  Watch as Laura and guest Chef John Folse catch their limit and begin cooking on the boat.  Then we continue back to Grand Isle, LA for a traditional Louisiana Crab Boil.  All this and a whole lot more, on Bringing it Home. 


Chef: Robert Del Grande

Join us this week on Bringing It Home to learn how to cook with delicious FIGS.  Chef Robert Del Grande and host Laura McIntosh will show viewers how to prepare four dishes using both dried and fresh figs.  Why not make use of these seasonal treasures by preparing one of our featured recipes.  


Chef: Frank Mcclelland & Bill Brodsky

Laura takes a quick trip to Boston and leaves no stone unturned literally as she visits Frank McClelland’s farm, which feeds not only his family but also his restaurant. Then takes the opportunity to sink her hands into an authentic Cranberry harvest and while working up an appetite stops in at the landmark restaurants. Making a few pit stops along the way Laura soaks up the landmarks of Boston.  From fresh oysters to local chefs, we're making a splash- Fresh from Boston!


Chef: Bill Corbett

Would you like to make the holidays extra special this year?  How about giving gifts to all of your friends and family without breaking into the bank? We are here to spread the holiday cheer and to help you cross everyone off your list whilve saving both time and money.  Let's put our talents together and bake.  We are bringing Bill Corbett, San Francisco's best Pastry Chef, right into your home.  Learn recipes that are easy to make and will leave your recipients impressed. Chef Corbett's recipes include Bourbon Raisin Balls, Oatmeal Raisin Cream Pies and a Huckleberry Parfait.

EPISODE: Southern Inspired Recipes

Chef: Dean Dupuis

This week on Bringing It Home, we learned so much about fresh greens with Farmer Frank Ratto.  Frank grows many great vegetables that are healthy and filled with nutrients!  This time, we took a look into the harvest of collard greens. Chef Dean Dupuis knew just what to do with these greens and prepared some great recipes... Southern Style!


Chef: Patrick Mulvaney

Local chef, Patrick Mulvaney, shares exciting and easy recipes using fresh cherries in this episode of Bringing It Home.  Watch and learn as Laura and Chef Mulvaney prepare four delicious cherry recipes.  Interested in visiting his restaurant?  You can see Chef Mulvaney at Mulvaney's B&L in Sacramento, CA.

EPISODE: Italian Inspired

Chef: Alon Shaya

Join us this week on Bringing It Home and Laura takes viewers to what is fresh and hot in the culinary scene: Domenica Pizzeria in New Orleans!  Watch as Chef Alon Shaya take Laura into the heart of the kitchen and prepare traditional Italian recipes.  We have the exclusive peak at the amazing wood burning stove at Domenica which was custom made and imported from Italy.  Learn to make authentic pizzas, lasagna and of course, a seafood pasta!

EPISODE: Harvest

Chef: Dale Ray

Join us this Sunday for a Spooktacular episode of Bringing It Home featuring guest Chef Dale Ray from Mustards Grill.  Watch as Chef Dale Ray shows Laura to prepare three simple, seasonal and delicious recipes!  Looking for some fun party ideas for your little Ghouls and Gobblins?  Laura will show you some quick and easy tips to get the whole family into the Halloween spirit. 

EPISODE: Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes

Chef: Michael Chiarello

Watch our "Heirloom Tomatoes" episode as Laura McIntosh and guest Chef Michael Chiarello prepare three amazing dishes.  These recipes are straight from Michael Chiarello's restaurant, Bottega, in Napa Valley.  Join us in this episode at the beautiful Napa Valley to learn more about tomatoes and how to prepare them, Napa Style!  

EPISODE: Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes

Chef: Jason Collis

Join us as Laura McIntosh travels to what's fresh this week, Lemons! Today we will cook with Chef Jason Collis as he shows us four refreshing recipes that feature our commodity fruit. Watch as Chef Collis prepares a Fresh Hummus with Lemons, Fattouche and Rosemary Rack of Lamb. Looking for a new drink recipe to share with your friends?  Chef Collis shows us how to prepare his signature Lavender Lemon Drop.

EPISODE: Garden Fresh Dishes

Chef: Scott Samuel

Learn how to prepare delicious dishes that are ripe at the "End of Summer."  Join Laura McIntosh as she invites guest Chef Scott Samuel to cook on the show.  Scott Samuel is an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and invites us to this beautiful setting to enjoy some outdoor cooking while the weather permits. 


Chef: Carolen Barrett

This week on Bringing It Home, we spent some time in Mexico and also visited a pepper farm to learn about the produce commonly seen in Hispanic Cuisine.  Take a look at my farm visit in the California Delta. I had the chance to cook with Chef Carolen Barrett in both Mexico and from the field in California. Her recipes are a true inspiration.