Vital Farms

Vital Farms eggs comes from Certified Humane® pasture-raised hens, and that’s just as good as it sounds! It also means our hens each get a minimum of 108sqft of pasture to roam, and they sure do love to roam.

Laura absolutely loves Vital Farms practices, their respect towards the hens, and the amazing farmers.


Vital Farms specializes in pasture raised eggs & butter, and is recognized as a leader in humane eggs. Find Vital Farms Pasture Raised Eggs near you.


We’re on a mission…

Vital Farms’ core mission is to bring ethically produced food to the table by coordinating a collection of family farms to operate with a well defined set of organic agricultural practices that includes the humane treatment of farm animals as a central tenet. By promoting the superior nature of the products, we want to encourage consumers to migrate from their traditional egg choices, and by doing so, create opportunities for more family farms to convert from harmful industrial practices.

Laura’s Review

Vital Farms is great, everything about this company is trying to what’s right with their food so you don’t have to worry. They allow their hens to freely roam outside in the morning until night. Each hen gets a 108sqft of pasture to roam. That’s how it should be! They source the highest quality antibiotic free feed available. They are also organic! Vital Farms follows the tenets of organic farming on every one of our farms, not all our eggs carry the seal of Certification. They are certified human, free from GMO ingredients, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. It is a small family farm filled with great farmers. I absolutely love this brand and everything it stands for. Knowing where your food comes from, how they care for their product is worth any price tag.

Laura McIntosh