Meli's Cookies

Meli’s Cookie’s are freshly baked from premium ingredients, including, certified gluten-free rolled oats, and are preservative free. They are the perfect update of the classic all-American cookie smartly tailored for the ever-growing allergy conscious consumer industry!

Laura absolutely loves the sustainable practices, the amazing taste and the ingredients used in Meli’s Cookies!


Gluten-free can taste amazing! We only purchase oats certified gluten-free. We came to market because there was a need for a better tasting, gluten-free cookie.


We are the Melissas’ and are so excited to be working together to bring you and your family Meli’s Monster Cookies. We have been friends for over 30 years and feel so blessed by this opportunity. This all started with a family recipe from Melissa Blue's mother-in-law and these monster cookies have been enjoyed for over 40 years. These cookies just happen to be gluten free and better for you...and taste great!! Bite'em...Love'em!!!

Laura’s Review

Meli’s Cookies are the perfect cookie those who are gluten free! Not only is this a great company inside and out, they have created a cookie from a family recipe and ran with it. These cookies are so delicious, it’s hard not to eat the whole bag at once! Using certified gluten-free rolled oats and peanut butter, you can taste the difference. I love that you can snag either their pre-baked cookies or bake your own! They’ve created a cookie that uses no flour, wheat or gluten and it tastes good too!

Laura McIntosh