Lesser Evil

Lesser Evil believes that by making food the right way, we believe we're creating something that benefits our customers, communities, and the planet.

Laura absolutely loves Lesser Evil’s Ghee popcorn and that it truly is the lesser evil when it comes to snacking!


Organic popcorn and Non-GMO potato chips. Crafted with the best ingredients we can find. Fuel your journey with bold flavor and quality ingredients.


LesserEvil was founded in 2005 with the goal of making iconic American snack foods better for you.

Our first products included potato puffs (instead of chips) and indulgent kettle corn that was still low-carb. In 2011, the current owners took the reigns to discover what LesserEvil meant to them. A new mission was developed to provide our community with snacks that were not only lower in fat and calories, but also made with real, quality ingredients. In 2012 the LesserEvil factory was born. By opening our own manufacturing facility, we were not only able to use better ingredients but also to control the integrity of our products while providing local factory jobs. By seeing our company as a large extended family, we felt very strongly about providing an integrated message about the potential and discovery of LesserEvil. It took years to fine-tune our approach and in doing so we became a much better company and people, too. There isn’t a single product that we produce that we don’t think has the best possible ingredients.

We invite you to join us on our LesserEvil journey. Let’s smile and walk each other home.

Laura’s Review

Lesser Evil is the perfect snack and their Ghee popcorn has my name all over it. This ghee popcorn is made with ingredients like, clarifies ghee, non-GMO popcorn, and pink Himalayan salt! There’s no genetically modified ingredients, refined sugars, refined salts, no antibiotics and or hormones, No preservatives, No artificial flavors or colors, No hydrogenated oils and No meat products. Get this… it is actually air popped. A lot of brands say that it is air popped and there are a lot of ways to get around that, Lesser Evils popcorn says exactly what they are because they don’t have to lie. The flavor speaks for itself. This brand is doing everything right and is very transparent about their products.

Laura McIntosh