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Why does Laura LOVE Jamnation?

Besides the flavor, it’s the story, the products and that there is 50% more fruit and up to 50% less added sugar with no added pectin or preservatives

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Gillian Reynolds

Founder/Chief Jammer

Jamnation, made in SF by Gillian Reynolds, celebrates exquisite fruit, with a focus on sustainability & superior ingredients. On a trip to Brazil in 2013, the simple fruits she tasted from small, local farms exploded with flavors that blew her away. Returning to SF, she sought out the same intensity of flavor in local organic fruit from small Northern California farms. Her desire to share these exquisite fruits with friends & family in NYC inspired her to create artisanal jams that are bright, bold & meticulously paired. A Stanford economics major, she was struck by the impact of global trade on farmers in developing countries hence, all products use Fairtrade sugar + spices.

Fair Trade

We use Fairtrade and organic certified sugar + spices to support sustainable growth and practices in developing countries. Buying Fairtrade improves local sustainability and helps protect the environment where these products are grown. Learn more at www.fairtradeamerica.org.

Local Fruits

Wherever possible, we use local, sustainably grown, organic fruit. We know our farmers and they know us. In some cases, smaller farms are not certified organic — they can't bear the cost — but they follow the same practices as organic farms.


All of our online store packaging is eco-friendly, from our jars right down to our tape. Our jars are made from recycled glass, packaged in Geami Rolls (recycled paper or sustainable foresty initiative and biodegradable). Our printed materials are on recycled papers using soy inks. We use tape with recycled resin and the core is recycled paper!

Our Favorite Flavor: Razzle Bazzle

Tangy, sweet Josephine raspberries are infused with the brightness of fresh basil for a uniquely delicious jam.

Our organic Josephine raspberries come from a sustainable family farm near Watsonville, CA, which uses beneficial insects for pest control (ex: ladybugs!). Josephine raspberries are tarter than most raspberries, which make for an intense jam that blends perfectly with basil.

Our fresh organic Holy basil comes from a farm in Capay Valley that is committed to sustainability both in its farming and labor practices. The basil adds depth and contrast to the jam.

Ingredients: organic raspberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic basil

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Laura McIntosh