Ashby Confections

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Ashby Confections is a sweet treat made with quality ingredients, farm fresh, organic and locally sourced. Not only do they taste great, each batch is made with love.

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Ashby Confections

Simply stated, there is nothing else in the world quite like chocolate. But then again, there's chocolate and then there's Chaaawww-col-aaaaaate, when your eyes reflexively close and roll back and you have to consciously curl your lip to keep drool from running down your chin. There's only one way to make that kind of chocolate. It requires a special ingredient that we have in unending supply: Passion. At Ashby Confections, we have a number of mantras we live by and one of our favorites is: "Passion Makes Perfect".

Everything we do, we do the only way we know: The Best Way. We strive to make the finest chocolates, caramels, marshmallows and myriad other confections, period. It's all done by hand, from scratch, in small batches and with only the finest, most wholesome ingredients.

We use Guittard and Askinosie Chocolate and Clover Organic Dairy Products exclusively! All our fruits, herbs and spices are fresh, organic and sourced locally whenever possible. What we do is often more hands-on, a little more costly, and more time-consuming but it's a Labor of Love!

The process of making Ashby Confections is a blend of art, magic and science! We love what we do and we know you will too!

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Favorite Flavor

Sour Strips

Our fruit confections are very special because they are all made with fresh, organic California grown fruit that we process in-house. They are all made with 5 simple ingredients and there is absolutely nothing artificial in them.. The color and flavors come only from the fruit used. Our flavors vary with the seasons.

Laura McIntosh