Muddle & Wilde

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Muddle & Wilde is a great tasting healthy natural drink mixer That is Using california citrus, fresh fruit and spices. Muddle & Wilde has created the perfect mixer using whats fresh and whats in season to create an amazing mixer for cocktails or sparkling water.

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Charged with the task of bringing drink mixers to a party...

Laura (a late bloomer to the art of cocktail enjoyment) but a keen chef, found herself disenchanted by the array of artificially flavored and sweetened store bought options. Gathering and pairing together local, organic citrus and herbs, jars of fresh mixers were then muddled into drinks by her good friend Moira (more of a seasoned cocktail drinker and concoctor) resulting in a very happy crowd and a table of unopened wine bottles.

Both looking for a new business adventure, Muddle & Wilde was formed there and then: the goal being to craft botanical, sophisticated mixers that make cocktail making creative and effortless whilst delivering a taste that is subtle and unexpected. 

Inspired by California citrus, flavors from around the world and a desire for healthier natural drink mixers, we use whole fresh fruit and spices to make Muddle & Wilde. We hope you enjoy them as much as we love making them - wonderful in your favorite cocktail or with sparkling water as an aromatic alternative to flavored soda.



Over ice, combine 1 tbsp/0.5 oz of Muddle & Wilde mixer with 2 oz of alcohol and top with soda water to taste. Garnish with fresh citrus, herbs and flowers. For a refreshing, low-sugar botanical soda simply mix 1 tbsp/0.5 oz of Muddle & Wilde mixer with 8 oz of sparkling water.

Muddle & Wilde can be kept unopened for a year and once opened should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 months. Crafted with all natural ingredients, we use whole fresh citrus, real spices and cane sugar to create our aromatic elixirs. That's it!

And while we're at it, Muddle & Wilde mixers have only 6g of cane sugar (23 cal) per serving making them a healthy, natural option.

Laura McIntosh