Fall MUST haves

Here’s a list of all the Fall must haves this year!

We’ve created a great reason for you to treat yourself this season and enjoy the changes in the wind and the falling of leaves.

Don’t be sad to say goodbye to summer, be excited to say hello to Fall.

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Wheat Wreath

This wheat wreath is the perfect way to welcome Fall… and your guests! Adding this to your window or even your pantry door, it’s the perfect way to give your home the feelings of the Fall season.

This Fall it’s all about the subtle art of decorating and adding this wreath is the perfect way to do it.


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Notary Ceramics

Ikebana Bowl

This ikebana bowl is a gorgeous piece for any home. Adding fall floral arrangements will create a beautiful atmosphere that will make it hard to leave home.

This Fall it’s all about ceramic bowls with a floral frog as your centerpiece.




Set of 4 Mini Velour Pumpkins in Fall Colors - 3.25" Tall

These adorable mini velour pumpkins scream autumn colors. They come in a set of 4 of brown, beige, and orange with brown accent feathers. These pumpkins are perfect for decorating your home leaving it with a tasteful feel of Fall.

Decorate your home with these mini pumpkins and it will be hard to stop!




Linen Halter Apron

Hate wearing aprons? This full halter apron with pocket is a 100% linen and has a modern flare with the design. It’s a perfect addition for your kitchen when baking with family or entertaining friends.

Everyone must own an apron and we believe aprons can be stylish, especially with Heirloom aprons.


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Farmhouse Pottery

Rectangle Serving Tray

Create the best looking dinner table with beautiful serving trays. It’s never a bad idea to invest in serving trays that can be used year round. These are great for serving your favorite appetizers for those holiday dinner parties.

We are strong believers in presentation and these will elevate any appetizer presentation.



Jenni Kayne

Ash Matte Glass Candle

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy and light scented candles. Finding the right candle can be difficult, but this Jenni Kayne candle is perfect for that fireplace smell you want when relaxing at home.

The smells of clove, birchwood, balsam, and cedarwood create the best Fall environment.


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Need help hosting a dinner party this fall? From cocktails to feeding your guests, this cookbook is the perfect way to help you bring people together with food.

Not only is this a beautiful coffee table book, it’s also a great way to prepare for holiday gatherings!


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Oak Round Charcuterie Board, Medium

This charcuterie board is perfect for hosting any dinner party. This road oak makes it the perfect backdrop for your cheese and meats that your guests will love.

Handcrafted and perfect for your fall table.


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Jasmine & Neroli Crema

As the leaves begin to fall, the air starts to feel more dry. It’s always best to keep a nourishing cream close by to help hydrate your hands and body from the day.

Stay moisturized this Fall.


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dot & army

seersucker dinner napkins, set of 4

A set of napkins is necessary for any home, but these cotton poly blend napkins that are handmade are a beautiful addition for your home!

Setting the table has never been so satisfying!


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Om Ceramics

Matte White and Pink Speckles Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Warm coffee is necessary as the cool breeze picks up. Make your coffee in style this season with this handcrafted pour over coffee dripper.

This Fall make your pumpkin spiced coffee in style!




raw edged dinner plate

Raw edged dinner plates give the perfect Autumn feel this season. The handmade plates are a beautiful addition to your dining table for any dinner parties you may have!

Impress your guests this year with handmade, gloss white lead free, and food safe plates!


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Louise Throw Oat

It’s time to say hello to cozy blankets this time of year. This is THE perfect medium weight cotton throw! Handwoven by an artisan co-op in Huancayo, Peru.

This Fall invest in an incredibly cozy blanket that you’ll cherish forever.



Williams - Sonoma

KitchenAid Artisan White Mixer with Hobnail Bowl

Not only is this a special-edition retro white stand mixer, it’s also the perfect mixer for baking during the Fall season. It’s a perfect way to get your home smelling like Fall with cinnamon, cloves, etc.

A KitchenAid mixer is the perfect addition to your kitchen and in our opinion is a kitchen staple!



MceVoy Ranch

Bath Salts Blend Verde

A little TLC is needed after a long Summer. Take some time for yourself and enjoy a bath with fall scented candles and of course bath salts.

This season it’s time to relax before the holidays.


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Child of Wild

Fruits and Vegetables Seasonal Poster

Seasonal fruits and vegetables poster in a reclaimed Redwood Wooden Frame is perfect for any kitchen wall decor. This gives you a better understand of what’s in season and when! The information is provided by local farmers and seasonal harvest guides based in the Bay Area, and California's West Coast.

Not only does it remind us what’s in season, it’s a beautiful addition to your home decor.


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Williams - Sonoma

Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

These seasonal Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte are Fall necessity. Perfect for soups, stews, pot roasts and braises.

Make sure you have these in your kitchen this Fall!

Laura McIntosh