Let's talk Cherries

When is Cherry Season?

Bing and Rainier cherry varieties, are in season from May till around August. Tart cherries are predominately Grown in the mid west and upstate New York. They have a shorter growing season during the middle of June and as late as July or August. This all depends on the temperatures in which the cherries are in.

How to pick cherries

It may seem weird, but ask your produce associate if you can taste one cherry from the bag! Look for shiny, plump cherries with fresh green stems.

How to Enjoy your cherries

The best way to eat cherries is keep them refrigerated and cold and serve! You can also pit them and freeze them and save for a cherry pie! If you pit your cherries, you can add them to a salad, make a jam, or drizzle chocolate over them and a little whip cream for a sweat dessert! Fresh cherries are also great for cocktails… especially adding the juice and putting the cherries on a cocktail skewer for your martini. However you may eat your cherries, make sure they taste delicious!

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