Did you know, you only need ONE to have a pair? Pears are available from August through October. Did you know that more than 95% of the ones grown in the U.S. come from western states like California, Washington and Oregon. Pears are a great source of good source of antioxidants, like vitamin C and fiber.

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When picking out your pears, start by gently applying pressure to the area where the stem is. If it’s body is firm with a slight soft neck, this means it’s ripe! If the bottom, fattest part of the pear feels soft, the inside will be over ripe.

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Pears are a great sweet treat that can be used in desserts and salads! You can also make pears into a pie or crumble, add them to smoothies and make into a jam. If you really want to try something fun with your pears, try poaching pears or adding them to a bourbon cocktail.

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To prep your pair for a dish, remove the skin and slice it in half. Remove the core from each side by scooping it out with a knife, and then cut into slices or chunks. You can also keep the skin on if you want a snack and eat it fresh! If your pears need help getting ripe, just put them in a paper bag and that will help them ripen faster!

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Laura McIntosh