Eggplants can be recognized by their glossiness and firmness. This vegetable is the perfect base for dishes like pasta, burgers, and meatless meals. Eggplants are available year-round, but it’s peak season is from July to October.


Buy it

When buying eggplants, those that are firm and glossy are the best to buy. The size and color may vary, but an eggplant should always feel heavy. When picking eggplants, you should avoid those that have wrinkled skin, brown patches, and soft spots.

Add it

Eggplants can have a slightly bitter flavor, however is great to be added to many dishes. Eggplant can be bakes, mashed, roasted, sautéd, grilled, stuffed, and braised. Some dishes that are great to use eggplants are dishes like ratatouille, eggplant burgers, lasagna, and a homemade dip.

Prep it

It’s best to store an eggplant whole and leave it unwashed until you’re ready to cook with it. Eggplants can be stored in the warmest section of your fridge. To prep your eggplant, peel away the thick skin. Then slice into rounds and sprinkle salt to then place in a single layer and allow to sit for 20 minutes.

Try it tonight

Laura McIntosh